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  • Why I predict the 2013 Mac Pro will be DOA

    Why I predict the 2013 Mac Pro will be DOA

    Apple gave us another look at the 2013 Mac Pro this week at the update release announcement for the iPad line. Today another person noted what I’ve been mulling over for some time: the interesting design is missing two major features that will keep it out of the hands of a lot of video, audio…

  • BibleReader for Mac

    BibleReader for Mac

    OliveTree gave us Christmas on Thanksgiving this year with the release of their incredible Bible software, BibleReader for the Mac OSX platform. OliveTree has been around since 1998. Admittedly, I’ve been using their eBible software on the Palm, the Windows Mobile, the iPhone, and the NookColor for since the first release for each platform.

  • Getting started with Applescript

    Getting started with Applescript

    A quick link to a resource for learning AppleScript to automate repetitive tasks in OSX.

  • Two Mail.app plug-ins all Exchange users need

    Two Mail.app plug-ins all Exchange users need

    If you are using Mail.app with with MS Exchange, you know the frustration of sending attachments and opening those dreaded winmail.dat files (the sender sent a MS Exchange email file as an attachment). Grr. To get around dealing with Microsoft’s refusal to comply with email standards, I recommend two mail.app plug-ins: Lokiware’s Attachment Tamer and…