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  • One Way to Mindfully Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Happy International Women’s Day. Today at work, we are celebrating across the company. In the US, the industry group I work with, the Energy, Resources & Industrials industry group, is hosting a discussion with Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and founder of Ellevest. I wanted to post another way to celebrate International Women’s Day… mindfully.

  • Buy me Stuff and Love Languages

    Buy me Stuff and Love Languages

    Here is a link to my personal wish list. I’m posting this here because I’m always having relatives and friends who are trying to figure out what kinds of gifts to give me. This post also explores the importance of understanding love languages and emotional intelligence at home, at work and in our communities.

  • The Most Powerful Question

    The Most Powerful Question

    I’ve always lived under the assumption that the question “Why” what the most powerful question. I’m now convinced there is a more powerful question that can unlock change in people. The question is, “What am I grateful for?” I just read this article on The Ladders written by UCLA researcher, Alex Korb, PhD. Alex is…

  • Striving to be a Son of Light

    Striving to be a Son of Light

    “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” — Yoda

  • Dealing with Sunday Anxiety

    Dealing with Sunday Anxiety

    A colleague posted a question to our support forum with the following question: I try to keep my Sundays focused on non-work. This evening, like many Sunday evenings, my brain is already attempting to plan my Monday. And then it wants to start working my Monday. What are your tricks for keeping your off-work time…

  • Essential Travel Tools for iPhone and iPad

    Essential Travel Tools for iPhone and iPad

    A close friend recently asked me if I liked TripIt after he noticed the automated posts of my travel plans. This came on the heals of almost a year of constant business travel, so I figured I would give back my tips for the Road Warriors out there trying to remember what city and time…

  • Live Blogging Emma’s Black Belt Test

    Live Blogging Emma’s Black Belt Test

    Showed up early and Emma was really nervous. She will be testing alone. 11:05Already started. Incredible pace of jumping jacks. 11:08 Being judged on accuracy. Emma is really popping her moves. I’m nervous like crazy but confident. 11:09 Just did first form and nailed it! Her face is getting red though. 11:10 Now the Champion…

  • BibleReader for Mac

    BibleReader for Mac

    OliveTree gave us Christmas on Thanksgiving this year with the release of their incredible Bible software, BibleReader for the Mac OSX platform. OliveTree has been around since 1998. Admittedly, I’ve been using their eBible software on the Palm, the Windows Mobile, the iPhone, and the NookColor for since the first release for each platform.

  • 4 Hour Body Mindhack for Ice Cream Cravings

    4 Hour Body Mindhack for Ice Cream Cravings

    I just figured out a very obvious but probably not popular mindhack for getting through the week on the slow-carb diet. I love ice cream. Every night before going to sleep I love to have a big bowl of the stuff. Since I am glucose sensitive, the bowl usually put me in a nice sugar-coma……

  • Nothing else to say

    Nothing else to say

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