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  • The Three Roles We Play at Work

    In coaching or counseling colleagues, friends and people I meet going through a career transition, I often find myself having to explain the three roles we play at work. I noticed recently that these three roles don’t seem to be obvious to many, while simultaneously most folks seem to have some similar notion of them…

  • Buy me Stuff and Love Languages

    Buy me Stuff and Love Languages

    Here is a link to my personal wish list. I’m posting this here because I’m always having relatives and friends who are trying to figure out what kinds of gifts to give me. This post also explores the importance of understanding love languages and emotional intelligence at home, at work and in our communities.

  • List of Reading Lists

    List of Reading Lists

    People ask me all the time where I keep my reading list. Well… my reading list is dynamic so posting a static version would be silly. So… by way of Internet Magic, I post links to the various reading lists I have. READERS NOTE: I neither endorse nor disagree with any of the books in…

  • “A Musician Must Make Music…”

    “A Musician Must Make Music…”

     “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.” — Abraham Maslow I had the rich pleasure to hear the William Peace University Peace Singers and Florida College Saturday night. That evening the Florida College students were spread amongst many volunteers hosts…

  • Introducing the Skills Canvas for Defining Roles

    Introducing the Skills Canvas for Defining Roles

    Recently a old friend of mine from India, CEO Navin Kumar of iPRIMED, approached me about helping him bring his company’s services to the U.S. from India. iPRIMED is led by people from the IT industry and academia who are focused on enhancing workplace skills of graduates / entry / junior level professionals (for the IT and ITeS…

  • Key Skills for Leaders of Transformations

    Key Skills for Leaders of Transformations

    Here is my list of Key Skills for Managers and Leaders that I’ve been cataloging for a couple years now. Content Skills Core Skills Direct Skills Transdisciplinarity New-Media Literacy Computational Thinking Visioning Explicit Skills Three Horizons Thinking Building Community Story Crafting Mentoring Virtual Collaboration Social Intelligence Design Thinking Process Skills Lean Product Development Change Management Skills…

  • Is it your job or your craft?

    Is it your job or your craft?

    There is a lot of talk about the number of unemployed people. Over the course of this recession the United States has lost some 10 Million jobs. These jobs simply went away. They weren’t outsourced to another country. They didn’t transition to another type of role. They simply went away and it will take 10…

  • New blog for learning how to live again

    New blog for learning how to live again

    The concept of this blog has its roots in my own personal journey through life. This blog is meant to capture observations and facts on searching for employment, securing a job, being the best employee you can, understanding what makes up a career, learning about the definition of a vocation, and how you can create…