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  • List of Reading Lists

    List of Reading Lists

    People ask me all the time where I keep my reading list. Well… my reading list is dynamic so posting a static version would be silly. So… by way of Internet Magic, I post links to the various reading lists I have. READERS NOTE: I neither endorse nor disagree with any of the books in…

  • An Optimistic Enemy of the State?

    An Optimistic Enemy of the State?

    I picked up this quote through the Internets from Jeffrey Tucker via a friend. Someone on Reddit asked about my optimism. My response below: The state in all times and all places wants a population of despairing, dreary, hopeless, and weighted-down people. Why? Because such people don’t do anything. They are predictable, categorizable, pliable, and essentially powerless.…

  • A Soldier’s Welcome Home

    A Soldier’s Welcome Home

    I approached my gate at O’Hare today and there was a large crowd gathered looking toward the aircraft and tarmac outside. There I saw a ground grew unloading luggage, and two fire trucks with lights blazing. Upon closer glance I realized what the crowd had stopped to watch. The firemen were lined along the baggage…

  • Dinner with a Stranger in a Strange Land

    Dinner with a Stranger in a Strange Land

    I had a random dinner with a stranger last Friday night while bellied up to the bar at the Legal Sea Foods mothership in Boston, MA. I was on my iPad. He was on his iPad. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed scribble on his screen, like cursive manuscript. This caught my…

  • Thoughts on Engaging U.S. Citizens In Their Government

    Thoughts on Engaging U.S. Citizens In Their Government

    I’ve been mulling this topic over a lot lately. It really hit home when I traveled from my insulated community in the DC suburbs back down the I-81 “technology corridor” through Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia to the rural community where I grew up… 18 miles from the nearest town in rural Alabama. The average income is…

  • Government 2.0 Radio

    Government 2.0 Radio

    Government 2.0 Radio is a talk show devoted to all things related to Government 2.0, government transparency, and uses of social media marketing to engage citizens in the their government.

  • Never forgetting

    Never forgetting

    On September 11, 2001 I watched the world change in front of my eyes, just as my father saw the world change when Sputnik went up on October 4, 1957, and his father listened to FDR’s "Day of Infamy" speech on December 8th, 1941. I have an edited version of Jewel’s "Hands" with all the…

  • Wikipedia entry accepted

    Wikipedia entry accepted

    UPDATED 25-May-2016: I noticed that Wikipedia deleted the phrase “Culture of Entitlement”. Recalling that I spent a considerable amount of time taking the political bias out of the entry, I’m frankly unimpressed. So I offer up a CPA Journal article titled, “Changing a culture of entitlement into a culture of merit” I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry…