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UPDATED 25-May-2016: I noticed that Wikipedia deleted the phrase “Culture of Entitlement”. Recalling that I spent a considerable amount of time taking the political bias out of the entry, I’m frankly unimpressed. So I offer up a CPA Journal article titled, “Changing a culture of entitlement into a culture of merit

I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry at the fact that Wikipedia just accepted in whole my edits to the entry “Culture of Entitlement”. They also upgraded the validity of the entry from being biased to valid.

I was compelled to edit it after running into several people in Florida, and then one trusted source in DC that says they are increasingly seeing people that are basically expecting President Obama to solve all thier problems, including employment. One lady from Indiapolis, who is currently living in her broken-down car on Connecticut Ave. has told authorities that she is expecting a job from the President on the January 21st because he told her so on television.

This is scary stuff because there is an entire sub-culture out there that is expecting to either have a job provided for them or have a check written to them because they voted for Barack Obama. Forget personal responsibility or common sense. One official in Florida told me that people are acting like the Thessalonians. I hope that isn’t the case. If so what is going to happen when these same people wake up and realize that Obama isn’t the Messiah and that “Obama’s [NOT] gonna’ take care of that”.

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