About Sustainability

This site is here to document my attempt to sustainably live in harmony with my environment. Here I’ll call out things that work for me, things that don’t work, and will call to attention the successes others are having with “Going Green“. These things include:

Now before you get the idea that I’m some kind of Tree Hugger, it is best to understand where I am coming from. It is my understanding that Mankind was Created, and that Our Creator charged us with the responsibility of taking care of the Earth which he created for us. This includes living a life that doesn’t adversely impact our ecosystem to the point that it can no longer recover, while at the same time, fully utilizing the resources given as gifts to us. This, by necessity, requires Mankind to live in harmony with the ecosystem. It is a tall order, but achievable we we apply all the vast resources of mind, spirit and nature.

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The information contained on this post is my opinion, and mine alone (with the occasional voice of friend). It does not represent the opinions of any clients or employers.