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How many times have we heard something about Global Warming or something along these lines? I weighed the evidence, looked at the counter-evidence and decided the following:

  • The scientists of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are biased and only chasing after grant money, First World Governments are encouraging the IPCC in order to grab more power in the form of socialist regulations, and Second and Third-World Governments are trying to adversely affect the economies of developed nations through cap-and-trade treaties.
  • While the IPCC reports are largely biased or based on improper sample-sets, I can’t say that I will be able to look at my Creator in the face and give an answer in good conscious if he asks, “Did you take care of the planet I created for you?”

It was the second bullet, and the influence of pseudo-hippie parents, that made me think, while the concept of anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations is hard to estimate, if there is a remote possibility that our ecosystem is at the Tipping Point of being unable to accommodate the levels of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, then I should at least do my part to:

  • Reduce my personal carbon footprint
  • Educate my children and friends on living harmoniously within our ecosystem
  • Promote through market forces, individual advocacy or political election Green public policies that are rationalized and free from political bias at the local, state, Federal, and International levels

This site is here to document my attempt to sustainably live in harmony with my environment. Here I’ll call out things that work for me, things that don’t work, and will call to attention the successes others are having with “Going Green“. These things include:

Now before you get the idea that I’m some kind of Tree Hugger, it is best to understand where I am coming from. It is my understanding that Mankind was Created, and that Our Creator charged us with the responsibility of taking care of the Earth which he created for us. This includes living a life that doesn’t adversely impact our ecosystem to the point that it can no longer recover, while at the same time, fully utilizing the resources given as gifts to us. This, by necessity, requires Mankind to live in harmony with the ecosystem. It is a tall order, but achievable we we apply all the vast resources of mind, spirit and nature.

Feel free to contact me with ideas for topics or with resources. Together we can leave a living legacy for our children.

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Devin Hedge is a change agent focused on enabling businesses to deal with complexity and changing market conditions. Devin Hedge brings almost two decades of experience working in the IT Industry in his role as an Executive Coach, Organizational Agility Consultant and Lean Product Development specialist. Devin lives in Apex, NC with his wife and two daughters. When not helping businesses change, Devin spends his volunteering to help those that are forced homeless back on their feet and back into a home. You can find Devin running, biking or hiking all over the South.