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  • Agile adoption of Continuous Integration (CI)

    Agile adoption of Continuous Integration (CI)

    We Agilists talk a lot about the importance of Continuous Integration (CI) as a practice and we talk about it like it assumed; however, when adopting CI in what was a waterfall, iterative or undisciplined environment there will be a lot of hurdles to adoption that have to be planned as part of the CI…

  • Agile Reading List

    Agile Reading List

    This is my Gold Standard reading list for learning and practicing the Scrum Software Development Methodology. Not surprisingly, Scrum can be used for any kind of project, not just software development as it’s Lean Management framework was largely borrowed from Lean Manufacturing principles from Lean Six Sigma, TQM, Kanban, Kaizen and the Theory of Constraints.…

  • Building Scalable Web-Based Applications

    Building Scalable Web-Based Applications

    Scalable web-based applications has been getting a lot of air-play on social networks like Twitter lately, mostly because Twitter has been overcome by scability issues and the service unreliable. Having an unreliable internet service is embarassing and unacceptable. There is no better way to kill your brand image than to have your viral social media…