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  • The Awesome Singh Estimation Technique (TASET)

    The Awesome Singh Estimation Technique (TASET)

    Introduction I spoke to the DC Scrum Users Group this topic around a year ago and wanted to unleash this virus on the world. The Awesome Singh Estimation Technique (TASET) is a technique learned from Alex Singh and honed over the course of two years while working with BigVisisble’s clients and recently while working with…

  • Dealing with Sunday Anxiety

    Dealing with Sunday Anxiety

    A colleague posted a question to our support forum with the following question: I try to keep my Sundays focused on non-work. This evening, like many Sunday evenings, my brain is already attempting to plan my Monday. And then it wants to start working my Monday. What are your tricks for keeping your off-work time…

  • General Patton on Planning

    General Patton on Planning

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”