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  • Essential Travel Tools for iPhone and iPad

    Essential Travel Tools for iPhone and iPad

    A close friend recently asked me if I liked TripIt after he noticed the automated posts of my travel plans. This came on the heals of almost a year of constant business travel, so I figured I would give back my tips for the Road Warriors out there trying to remember what city and time…

  • BibleReader for Mac

    BibleReader for Mac

    OliveTree gave us Christmas on Thanksgiving this year with the release of their incredible Bible software, BibleReader for the Mac OSX platform. OliveTree has been around since 1998. Admittedly, I’ve been using their eBible software on the Palm, the Windows Mobile, the iPhone, and the NookColor for since the first release for each platform.

  • Nothing else to say

    Nothing else to say

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  • Noise.io – iPhone Synth – iPhone Synthesizer

    Noise.io – iPhone Synth – iPhone Synthesizer

    Image via CrunchBase I’m really getting serious about music again. The problem is that inspiration is everywhere for me and I’ve got a twenty year backlog of ideas. As a result I’m constantly looking for a means to get ideas out of my head and onto paper. The Noise.io by Amido iPhone Synth is where…