• One Way to Mindfully Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Happy International Women’s Day. Today at work, we are celebrating across the company. In the US, the industry group I work with, the Energy, Resources & Industrials industry group, is hosting a discussion with Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and founder of Ellevest. I wanted to post another way to celebrate International Women’s Day… mindfully.

  • Rhasspy as service with Debian installation

    Rhasspy as service with Debian installation

    This post is a placeholder description for how to setup the standalone Rhasspy voice-assistant as a service on Debian/Ubuntu until the official docs are updated. This was gleaned from various posts on the Rhasspy forums and the Rhasspy github, and then refined via trial and error.

  • Creating a Linux user who cannot get an interactive shell on Debian or Ubuntu

    This article walks through creating a “service account” to run satellite instances of Rhasspy on a bunch of Debian-based IoT devices scattered around my house so that you aren’t running a service (daemon) as yourself or as root. This creates a situation where if someone where to use the webpage to somehow hack into the…

  • Lessons from Elon Musk on Innovation

    Lessons from Elon Musk on Innovation

    Are his predictions being given more airtime than they should because he is perpetually wrong? Of course. It’s called, “Celebrity CEO” status, and why the SEC is after him. At the same time, his companies out innovation other companies by a ratio of about 5:1.

  • The Three Roles We Play at Work

    In coaching or counseling colleagues, friends and people I meet going through a career transition, I often find myself having to explain the three roles we play at work. I noticed recently that these three roles don’t seem to be obvious to many, while simultaneously most folks seem to have some similar notion of them…

  • The Joy of Rediscovery

    The Joy of Rediscovery

    This morning, thanks to the NY Times article covering the topic, I rediscovered Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”.

  • Buy me Stuff and Love Languages

    Buy me Stuff and Love Languages

    Here is a link to my personal wish list. I’m posting this here because I’m always having relatives and friends who are trying to figure out what kinds of gifts to give me. This post also explores the importance of understanding love languages and emotional intelligence at home, at work and in our communities.

  • List of Reading Lists

    List of Reading Lists

    People ask me all the time where I keep my reading list. Well… my reading list is dynamic so posting a static version would be silly. So… by way of Internet Magic, I post links to the various reading lists I have. READERS NOTE: I neither endorse nor disagree with any of the books in…

  • The Most Powerful Question

    The Most Powerful Question

    I’ve always lived under the assumption that the question “Why” what the most powerful question. I’m now convinced there is a more powerful question that can unlock change in people. The question is, “What am I grateful for?” I just read this article on The Ladders written by UCLA researcher, Alex Korb, PhD. Alex is…

  • Performance Management Programs and Annual Appraisals

    Performance Management Programs and Annual Appraisals

    Corporations adopting Agile practices on their way towards being Agile often struggle with many legacy operational policies and procedures. One question that always comes up is how to conduct performance management appraisals with employees when Agile Teams are supposed to be Self-Directed, Self-Managed and mostly autonomous?

Got any book recommendations?